Tri-Canadian Internet

Fast and Reliable Internet is Here!

Speeds starting at 15 Mbps, guaranteed bandwidth, and no evening slowdowns.

Tri-Canadian Energy is bringing fast, reliable, and affordable Internet services to select areas of Prince Edward County using leading-edge wireless technologies and an advanced network infrastructure built for the needs of Prince Edward County. 

  • Fast & Reliable Speeds

    It's 2019, and everything from your phone to your TV runs on the Internet. We provide speeds starting at 15 Mbps to ensure all of your devices stay connected, without delays or buffering. Need more speed? We have solutions for everyone!

  • We Don't Oversell

    Ever experience slow speeds around dinner time? That's your provider selling to more customers than the network can handle. We promise to never oversell our network, ensuring you always have the best possible performance.

  • We're Local To You

    From the site visit to install, and support down the road, Tri-Canadian Internet is locally owned and operated, ensuring you receive friendly, local support and service throughout your time with us.

A Network Powered by The Sun

From our core network to towers, our infrastructure is powered 100% by photovoltaic energy!

Our Internet Packages



15 Mbps


5 Mbps

Great for everyday Internet, households with 1-2 devices, light streaming (Netflix, YouTube) on 1-2 devices.

Turbo Boost Included

Unlimited Usage*


Average download speed will range from 10-15 Mbps



25 Mbps


5 Mbps

Great for connected households with 2-5 devices, moderate streaming (Netflix, YouTube) on 2-3 devices.

Turbo Boost Included

Unlimited Usage*


Average download speed will range from 15-25 Mbps. 



30 Mbps


10 Mbps

For the always-on home with 5+ devices, heavy streaming (Netflix, YouTube) on 3+ devices, or gaming.

Turbo Boost Included

Unlimited Usage*


Average download speed will range from 20-30 Mbps.

What speeds will I get?

We don't oversell the capacity of our network, and take steps to ensure there's always reserved capacity for you on our network. You can expect a minimum of 10 Mbps, but will likely see your full download speed most the time.

Can I stream TV shows?

Yes! Even our lowest connection supports streaming of Netflix, Crave, YouTube, and others platforms. If you're just using 1 or 2 devices, a slower package will do, but for large homes with 2+ devices or high speed requirements, go with a faster tier.

What is Turbo Boost?

Our connections come with Turbo Boost, which temporarily boosts the speed of your connection, allowing videos to start faster, pages to load faster, file downloads to finish faster, and overall boost your experience on our network, all at no extra cost.

Where is the service available?

Tri-Canadian Internet is currently available in select areas of Prince Edward County.

We’re currently offering services in Milford, Port Milford, Cherry Valley, South Bay, Picton, Hallowell, and Bloomfield.

Contact us today to see if we can service your address!


* Unlimited monthly usage is subject to Network Abuse Policy and Terms of Service set forth in your agreement with us.

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