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We are an industry leader in renewable energy engineering services.

In addition to our years of experience, we supply and service some of the industry's leading products and technologies.

Tri-Energy® Batteries

Tri-Energy® Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries are Plug and Play for any application currently using a Lead Acid, Gel or AGM Battery. Our Lithium batteries have an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) and are designed to handle superior abuse tolerance. Tri-Energy® Lithium Batteries are dual purpose for starting or deep cycle applications and can be connected in series or in parallel.

We provide drop in and off-grid batteries, but also specialize in custom applications. Contact us today for your every battery need!

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Renewable Energy Needs

We provide our clients with highly customized and reliable solar, wind, and biofuel energy equipment. From home to business, and install to maintenance, Tri-Canadian Energy is an industry expert in renewable energy installations. We'll find the right fit for your needs, and explore ways to help you save money along the way.

We work with you to supply your off-grid energy needs, and even how to tie your system back into the grid through a mechanism called Net Metering (which can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill!).

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Site Power

We build Alternative Energy Storage Facilities called "Site Power", these powerful facilities have virtually no limitations on their capabilities or physical location. Site Power units provide all of your energy needs, without the expensive cost of electrical installations. The savings of a Site Power installation is almost immediate as the cost of electrical generation is drastically reduced. All equipment within Site Power is automated, yielding high energy savings no matter the job.

Site Power units are available in solar, wind, or a hybrid of both, including a tie in to the electrical grid.

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Maintenance & Monitoring

We offer professional operational and maintenance services for solar photovoltaic plants as well as residential and commercial systems. Our technical operation services consist of professional remote monitoring, frequent inspection and preventive maintenance, maintenance reports, repair recommendations, and deficit energy production analyses.

In the event of system failures, our trained service technicians guarantee fast and reliable troubleshooting.

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