Solar Direct Drive Van

Free Power. Anywhere.

Tri-Canadian Energy’s Solar Direct™ Drive van is our road-worthy answer to “how does solar work?”.

The cube van, started as a marketing and community event mobile, sports four 330 watt solar panels, a Schneider Conext MPPT charge controller and XW Pro Solar Hybrid Inverter, and two 48 volt, 100 amp hour batteries. This allows us to produce roughly 1.3 killowatts per hour, and pull 1 killowatt from the batteries for about 8 hours.

We created the Solar Direct™ Drive Van to demonstrate the power of solar, the simplicity of the equipment, and spread the word about Solar Direct™ Drive technology!

Solar Direct Drive™ In The Community

The Solar Direct Drive™ Cube Van is always proud to power an event. Take a look at some of it’s community involvement below.

Have an event you need powered? Contact us today to see if the Solar Direct Drive™ Cube Van can power it!

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