Solar Powered Shipping Container

Solar Powered Shipping Container

Tri-Canadian Energy was approached in Spring 2019 with the request of providing 100% off-grid power to a new development in Northport, a suburb in Prince Edward County.

The project requirements were that a shipping container be retrofitted with solar panels, an inverter, charge controller, and batteries. The shipping container also needed full high-speed Internet and security, including CCTV and alarm monitoring. Finally, the contained needed to be climate controlled.

Tri-Canadian Energy was able to provide all the project requirements, fitting the shipping container with 2 solar arrays, both featuring 8X 330 watt panels, producing a total 5,280 watts of photovolatic energy every single hour that the sun is out!

We provided high-speed Internet to the container, which allowed the security cameras and alarm system to communicate with its owner. We also addressed the climate control situation by utilizing geo-thermal piping, located behind the container.

This container will be used by the owner as storage and a “home base” while they build their home. The container will eventually become the main power supply for the fully built house on the other side of the property.

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Solar Powered Shipping Container
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