Tri-Canadian Energy's Integrated Tracker

Our tracker ensures your panels are always following the sun.

Tri-Canadian Energy’s Integrated Tracker is the result of dedicated research and development, ongoing testing, and years of experience in automation and design. Designed in-house, we’ve developed a system that guarantees your solar panels are always pointed toward the sun, ensuring your panels are primed to receive the most amount of sunlight possible.

  • Cloud cover? No problem!
    Even under complete cloud cover, our tracker uses advanced location-based calculations to determine exactly where your panels should be pointing.
  • Around the Clock Operation
    You can rest easy knowing your panels will efficiently track the sun during the day, and come days end, reset to start the next day as efficiently as possible.
  • Intelligent Panel Protection
    Our tracker detects conditions that may present risk to your panels, such as heavy snow or strong winds, and automatically positions the panels in a safe manner.

Intelligent Design. Always on Target.

Our tracker ensures your system is producing the most power possible.

The Tri-Canadian Energy Integrated Tracker works differently than the other brands. Instead of using sunlight or photosensors to steer panels, our research and development team has built our trackers to utilize mathematical formulas based on the current date, time, and location of your array to precisely pin point the exact position of the sun. You’ll never catch a Tri-Canadian Energy tracker looking away from the sun.


Looking to upgrade your existing tracker?

Your panels deserve the best tracking solution.

Tri-Canadian Energy’s Integrated Tracker is available for all new solar installations, but we’ve also designed upgrade kits for a variety of third-party tracking installations. We can convert any existing tracking system to our Integrated Tracking solution in as little as one day.

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